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Wilson Olivera has been a martial artist for over 32 years, possessing an eclectic background in Kenpo, Muay Thai, American Boxing, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung-Fu, and Silat. 


Based on his real-world experiences, he has merged these influences into an integrated combat style which he teaches under the banner of FCIM.  Students of his program have included members of the military, law enforcement, and Federal Government. A consummate practitioner and true professional, his passion for martial arts is evident in his lifestyle. 


Soke Olivera believes strongly in empowering the community, spreading his philosophy of “Avoid Conflict”, and ensuring that individuals of all backgrounds and abilities have access to the knowledge of how to protect themselves.  To that end, he has worked for the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, mentoring and instructing local youth groups, and provided low-cost instruction for first responders and disabled veterans in Richmond, Virginia.


Soke Olivera believes that martial arts transcend social, physical, and economic boundaries, and thus should be available to all who seek enlightenment.  A member of the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame and an active member in several other partnerships, he works tirelessly to ensure that these opportunities exist.


Always learning, studying and seeking to improve his knowledge base on a daily basis, he is just as eager to provide his expertise and methodology to first responders, members of criminal justice, and the military to empower them to better face the threats they encounter.



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