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Irimi Jutsu is an eclectic sytem that draws influence from many diferent fighting styles. it emphasizes on the concepts of real life altercations. irimi jutsu meaning entering into an attack, is the logic of none exaggerated  natural and constant fluid engagement with an opponent. to minimize wasted actions and contribute to quick an effective  results. the system was originally geared towards adults because of the intense conditioning and pain tolerance training. Young adults usually have trouble getting acclimated to such a regimen. Therefore, given our slogan, we have evolved and adjusted the training to be a progressive and gradual conditioning so as not to lose the essence and tradition of the art. but still be able to train people of all ages

It is an F.C.I.M. belief that the key to prevailing or even surviving any given altercation is mind over matter. You can train the body to ignore pain and except the inevitable probability that you can be seriously hurt, crippled, and or killed; to not fear what can happen, but to except what will happen. and  know that if you’re in a knife fight it is certain that you will get cut, and by accepting that fact you can minimize the damage and survive.

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